• House of Motion camera Equipment list:

    Large Format
    Canon C-300 EF
    Sony FS-7

    Canon MK-III

    Broadcast Pro Cameras
    Panasonic HDX 900
    Panasonic VariCam

    Fujinon 13 x 4.5 Super Wide
    Fujinon 20 x 8
    Canon EF L: 10mm-17mm, 16mm-35mm, 24mm-70mm, 70mm-200mm,

    Camera support
    Crosziel and FX matte boxes, array of filters, Zacuto Gradical color view finder,Panasonic 17” field monitor, Sony 9” field monitor, Small HD 7” field monitor, 2-Sachtler 18 tripods, Teradek wireless video system, 1-high hat, Dana Dolly, Shape and Red Rock hand held rigs

    Steadicam package
    MK-V four post sled, (can fly from 2” from ground to 7.6”), Steadicam G-70 arm (12-72 pounds with 32” of ped),
    Walter Klassen custom vest, Bartek wireless follow focus,
    Teradex wireless video transmitter and receiver.

  • House of Motion, one-ton package 

    Grip Gear:

    Dana Dolly, 2-rolling combo stands, 5’ track and 8’ track
    one 3’ x 3’ white / silver show card with platypus
    (2) 4 x 4 Road Rags sets with floppys, silks, and white and silver reflectors
    (2) 6 X 6 frames with solid, silk, grid and bleached muzz
    (2) 3’ x 2’ solid flags (2)3 x 2 floppies, (2)3 x 2 silks, (1) 24 x 18 silk
    (8) C-stands, (8) knuckles ,  (8) C-stand arms,, 8-sandbags
    6-scissor clips, for butt plugs, (6) Cardellini-Matthellini’s, (1) 2’ baby extension, 17” baby extension, to double 90-degree baby,
    (1) pipe hanger baby, (1) C-clamp, for baby wall plates,
    Spring clamps: (6) #1’s, (6) #2’s and (2) #3’s
    (2) full and (2) half apple boxes
    (2) dolly wedges, (2) small camera wedges


    (3) Bi-Color Lite Panel
    (1) 800 Joker HMI with barn doors, Triple, double, and single scrims,
    (4) lenses, ballast, 20’ extension cable, spare lamp
    (1) 200 watt Joker HMI with barn doors, (4) lenses, (1) double,
    (1) single scrim, spare lamp
    (2) 4’ Kino Tegra’s with a full array of tungsten and daylight tubes
    (2) Kino Diva’s 400 with 5-tungsten and 5-daylight tubes
    (4) Kino Bar-Fly’s with 1-set spare lamps
    (4) Arri 600 fresnel’s
    (4) Arri 300 fresnel’s
    Stingers; (10) 25’, (5) 50”, (6) cube taps
    (3) 1-K dimmers


    1-Senior Magliner with top shelve, 2-Jr. Magliner with shelve

  • House of Motion sound package

    Mixers and Recording
    Sound Devices 664 with 12 ISO tracks
    Sound Devices 442 four channels
    Zoom H4n Portable recorder

    Wireless Systems
    Lectrosonic 4-SMQV transmitters, 2-LMA transmitters
    Lectrosonic 4-SRA receivers
    Lectrosonic 2-D4 camera hops
    Four Comtex

    Sanken CS-3 boom mic
    Sennhieser ME 66
    Sanken COS 11 lavs
    Tram lavs
    K-TeK carbon fiber boompoles
    EV handheld mic