• House of Motion camera Equipment list:

    Large Format
    Canon C-300 EF
    Sony FS-7

    Canon MK-III

    Broadcast Pro Cameras
    Panasonic HDX 900
    Panasonic VariCam

    Fujinon 13 x 4.5 Super Wide
    Fujinon 20 x 8
    Canon EF L: 10mm-17mm, 16mm-35mm, 24mm-70mm, 70mm-200mm,

    Camera support
    Crosziel and FX matte boxes, array of filters, Zacuto Gradical color view finder,Panasonic 17” field monitor, Sony 9” field monitor, Small HD 7” field monitor, 2-Sachtler 18 tripods, Teradek wireless video system, 1-high hat, Dana Dolly, Shape and Red Rock hand held rigs

    Steadicam package
    MK-V four post sled, (can fly from 2” from ground to 7.6”), Steadicam G-70 arm (12-72 pounds with 32” of ped),
    Walter Klassen custom vest, Bartek wireless follow focus,
    Teradex wireless video transmitter and receiver.

  • House of Motion Lighting, Grip and Electric Equipment list one-ton production van

    3-1’x1’ battery operated Lite Panels, day light or tungsten
    Yoke to house 2-1×1 into a 1×2
    8-Anton Bauer Dionics
    1-800w Joker HMI with Fresnel, wide stipple, spot stipple lenses and Chimera speed ring and full set of scrims
    2-200w Joker HMI w/ same lens package, and battery operated ballast
    And Chimera speed ring and full set of scrims
    1-small Chimera w/ grid
    1-extra small Chimera w/grid
    1-extra small Chimera China Ball w/skirt
    2-650w China ball lanterns
    2-4’ 4 bank Kino daylight or tungstun
    2-Diva 400 daylight or tungsten kit w/grids and Floziers
    2-Bar Flys daylight or tungsten kit w/grids
    1-daylight Rosco 6”x6” Lite Pad
    two-Arri kits;
    10-Arri stands
    5-x-small Matthew stands
    Scrims; 2-doubles, 2-singles, 2-half doubles 2-half single
    Scrims 2-doubles, 2-singles, 2-half doubles, 2-half singles
    4-150s Dedo Lite with pattern projectors and 15 gobos
    10-25’ stingers
    1-Anton Bauer car DC to AC charger
    2-1K dimmers
    4-house lamp dimmers
    bag C-47’s
    An array of day light house holds light bulbs
    An array of gels of 25 flavors

    House of Motion Grip Equipment Lists
    6-20 pound Sand bags, 2-15 pound Boabags, 5-10 pound Boabags
    3-18×24 solids
    1-18×24 silk
    1-18×24 single
    1-18×24 double
    3-36×24 solids floppy
    136×24 silk
    1-36×24 single
    1-36×24 double
    12-Spring clips
    2-flex fills
    4-sizzer clips
    3-6” baby plates
    2-12” baby plates
    2-Standard Matthellini’s
    2-2 way 90 degrees
    4-baby 90 degrees
    4-6” baby plates
    2-1’ baby plates
    2-18” extension arms
    1-6’ boom arms
    20’ douvitine (for blacking out windows)
    12×12 black
    1-6×6, 6’ China silk, 1 ¼ stop
    1-6’ Ultra Bounce
    1-2×2-shinny board
    1-4×4 bead-board
    2-Full Apple boxes
    2-Half Apple boxes
    2-1/4 Apple boxes

  • House of Motion sound package

    Mixers and Recording
    Sound Devices 664 with 12 ISO tracks
    Sound Devices 442 four channels
    Zoom H4n Portable recorder

    Wireless Systems
    Lectrosonic 4-SMQV transmitters, 2-LMA transmitters
    Lectrosonic 4-SRA receivers
    Lectrosonic 2-D4 camera hops
    Four Comtex

    Sanken CS-3 boom mic
    Sennhieser ME 66
    Sanken COS 11 lavs
    Tram lavs
    K-TeK carbon fiber boompoles
    EV handheld mic